Our volunteers are the heartbeat of our operation. When you volunteer with us, you help our youth achieve their dreams and succeed. Join us, get involved, network, and spread the love.



Interested in volunteering
to help support our mission & goals? Children are welcome too!


Looking to advise, coach, and guide our youth? If you are over the age of 16, apply to join the team.


Why Volunteer?

Maroon Village was created to promote healthy living. One way to achieve this is to give to others. Volunteering helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and best of all, it gives you purpose and a reason to live.

We are all connected on this planet. To make the world a better place, we have to help one another. Exposing yourself to new people and experiences simply improves your life. Supporting a great cause betters the community-as-a-whole.

Our Goals

As a nonprofit, our goal is simply to help others, specifically our youth to live better, more fulfilled lives. Our team is working diligently to expand our operations to serve as many youth and families as possible. We've served over 1,000 youth and our ultimate goal is to serve more, do more, and give more.

To achieve our goals, we are eager to partner with more community leaders, increasing our overall community engagement. We are also expanding our program recruitment goals to engage more youth. Maroon Village is partnering with even more schools and colleges to help our up and coming athlete be the best they can be.

Donations Matter

Your donation matters! We rely on the donations to help further our mission and vision to help 5,000 youth in the Chicagoland area. If you can't volunteer, give. A simple donation of $50 sponsors a family yoga mat.

We believe when you give, you receive. Remember, there's thousands of youth in Chicago who need your help. Athletes with talent and no guidance, no support. Youth whose circumstance keep them at a disadvantage. Youth who need you!
Take On  a New Challenge

Take On
a New

Grow With Trusted Mentors

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Gain Absolute Confidence

Gain Absolute

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Try Something

If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard. You’ll be hard to beat.  -Herschel Walker

If you train hard,
you’ll not only
be hard.
You’ll be hard
to beat.

-Herschel Walker

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Find Your

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Connect with
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