Maroon Village’s contributions are based upon one empowering message: to cultivate healthy environments. Our goal is to help student athletes train their bodies and their minds. To make a difference in underserved communities. To inspire and empower.

# Students Mentored

Per, did you know out of every 3 students, only 1 has a mentor (source)? This means that over 66% of our youth lack role model figures to help prepare them for success.

Our Co-Founder has mentored over 1,000 youth to guide them towards positive outcomes. It is our goal to mentor 1,000 more student athletes to boost: nutrition, education, mental health, exercise, meditation, economic freedom, and cultural identity.

We help student athletes focus on resiliency as an important variable for their success. We help student athletes prepare for college and beyond.

Median Household Income

Chicago has large disparities of income throughout the city. Neighborhoods like Forest Glen, the Loop, and Lincoln Park have a higher median household income, which enables them to invest more in student athletics and performance training.

On the other hand, city neighborhoods like Englewood, Washington Park, and West Garfield Park, are not provided with the same resources. In early 2019, “Englewood reported a median household income of $19,195 vs Forest Glen with $101,222, which is 5x higher than Englewood” (source).

Maroon Village is here to serve underserved communities and give students in under resourced areas a viable chance of succeeding through mentorship and performance training.

% High Schools w/Mentor Programs

Per, “nationwide, an estimated 10 percent of students received mentoring through their high schools”. This means nationally there’s 90% of high schools with no mentor program. Imagine the impact to our youth.

Additionally, “of the high schools providing mentoring services, 53% offered or assigned mentoring to select students and 47% offered or assigned mentoring to all students. Schools that offered or assigned mentoring services to select students identified them by academic performance (e.g., grades) or staff recommendations” (source).

Maroon Village offers mentorship to youth regardless of nationality, creed, color, or background.

% High Schools w/Full Time Athletic Trainers

Per the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) study, “37% of high schools have full-time athletic trainers…47% of the schools reported provided full practice coverage each afternoon. 30% of the schools did not have athletic training services” (source).

Imagine having the desire to train and no outlet. Now, imagine being a student at a school without full time athletic trainers, or better yet, a school with no training services at all.

This is where Maroon Village fills the gap. There’s no need for a full time athletic trainer when student athletes are able to sign up for our programs with ease. We work with your students to deliver results on and off the field.